Why Ashley and Wynonna Judd may be missing from Naomi’s will: legal experts

Naomi Judd’s decision to name husband Larry Strickland executor of her will is not uncommon

but may be perceived as a slight to daughters

Wynonna and Ashley Judd, a legal expert exclusively tells Page Six.

Wynonna and Ashley Judd, a legal expert exclusively tells Page Six.

according to court documents obtained by Page Six on Monday.

Criminal defense attorney Jason Goldman tells Page Six the county superstar was “likely advised” to pick her spouse over her two daughters because it would be “cleaner and less contentious.”

It is unclear if Wynonna, 58, or Ashley, 54, are beneficiaries to any of their mother’s assets – since their names were not mentioned in the will at all.

However, Goldman clarifies that this does not confirm or deny whether the two have trusts that were set up by their mom prior to her death.

Goldman says that Strickland, 76, can “set up an inheritance in line with what he believes Naomi would have wanted for the children” as executor.

Davis also notes that it is “possible” that Naomi had already taken care of her daughters with their own trusts, or perhaps prior gifts before passing away, but their exclusion from the will “is noteworthy.”

Naomi – who suffered a life-long and public battle with depression – died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Wynonna and Ashley have both commented on losing their mother to mental illness, but have not spoken out yet about the conversation surrounding the late singer’s will.