Sydney Sweeney Opened Up About Experiencing Panic Attacks

Sydney Sweeney detailed the mental health impact of her packed schedule.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sydney revealed that during the month of June, she started to experience panic attacks.

I was losing my sh*t,” she said.

In response to the panic attacks, Sydney took some time off. She shared that she put away her phone and spent some time among family.

Although that period helped to stabilize her anxiety, she admitted, “I still can’t get my mind to shut up, and I don’t sleep.

She attributed some of her anxiety to her recent schedule. As you may have noticed, Sydney has been quite busy.

She starred in Euphoria and The White Lotus, earning multiple Emmy nominations.

She's also set to star in Sony's Madame Webb.

That increased fame has also come with a number of appearances

she even threw out the first pitch at a recent Boston Red Sox game.

It's important that she recognized her symptoms of anxiety and was able to act upon those feelings.

Sydney is not the only celeb to experience panic attacks

While experiencing a panic attack, you could try expert-approved options like talking to yourself and controlling your breathing

You can also make an appointment with a therapist or a medical professional that can help with your symptoms.