Primaries in key swing states test Trump's influence, endurance of false 2020 claims

Republican primaries up and down the ballot in Arizona on Tuesday tested former President Donald Trump's influence over the future of the GOP and the endurance of his stolen election lie.

Most contests in the presidential swing state that delivered President Joe Biden his slimmest margin of victory in 2020 remained undecided as of early Wednesday morning

Leading candidates in the Arizona GOP contests for Senate, governor, secretary of state and attorney general nearly universally echoed Trump’s election conspiracies, earning his endorsement.

In the primary for governor, Kari Lake, a longtime local news anchor backed by Trump and a number of MAGA influencers, has called Biden "illegitimate," bashed Republican Gov.

Doug Ducey as "do nothing Ducey" and suggested she won't accept the results of her election should her opponent prevail.

former Vice President Mike Pence and other GOP officials, has called the 2020 election "unfair" but refrained from saying it was stolen and has refused to commit to certifying the next presidential election.

As of 1:16 am ET., Taylor Robson held a nearly 8-point lead over Lake with 63 percent of the expected vote counted

though that lead was expected to narrow as more Election Day ballots are counted.

There is no evidence that the 2020 vote in Arizona, or any other state, did not reflect the will of voters.

In Arizona, ballot reviews, including a partisan undertaking blessed by the GOP-led state Senate, only affirmed Biden’s win.

Earlier this year, Arizona’s Republican attorney general released a report finding no mass fraud in Maricopa County, where Trump and allies focused their efforts and allegations.