The Sandman Burning Questions and Ending Explained

When you’ve got several episodes that span hundreds of years on their own, it makes sense to come out of a series with a lot of questions.

Netflix’s The Sandman has finally landed on the streamer, and it’s time to break down the who’s

the what’s, the where’s, the why’s, and just what was going on with Season 1’s ending.

A lot occurred between Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai) marching into the Dreaming to meet her fate and the final credits of The Sandman.

Things kick off with one of the most jaw-dropping of those moments as Gilbert (Stephen Fry) chooses to stand between his creator and Rose before ultimately transforming back into his original form — the stunning Fiddler’s Green.

As Dream is set to absorb Rose after the realization that nothing can be done to stop the vortex inside her from consuming the waking world

a delightfully belligerent Unity Kinkaid (Sandra James Young) marches into the Dreaming with Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong), insisting that her great granddaughter is not the vortex Morpheus is seeking.

Or, rather, she’s not supposed to be. Upon revealing that she was impregnated during the sleepy sickness in a dream by someone with golden eyes

Unity helps Dream come to the realization that not only was she supposed to be the vortex all along, but that his sibling,

Desire (Mason Alexander Park), intentionally ensured that the unwitting curse was passed down to his descendant — Rose — in an attempt to make Dream stumble after eons of rivalry (we’ll get to why a bit later).

While the Rose Walker story gets a happy ending, there’s more trouble coming for Dream from all sides.

Despite the threat of Dream and Death — ostensibly the most powerful of The Endless that we’ve met thus far — knocking down their door should they toy with the dreaming again,

Desire seems unphased and intends to continue to pick at their brother until satisfied.

Meanwhile, Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie), Azazel (voice unknown), and the denizens of hell are making plans to take hell to the next level by overtaking the waking world, and then the dreaming.