Pauline Hanson defends parliament outburst and explains her refusal to acknowledge the Welcome to Country


Pauline Hanson has defended her decision to storm out of parliament during the Acknowledgement of Country. 


The One Nation Leader went on to insist the indigenous flags are "nothing but divisive".


"It's not closing the gap," she said.


"If they want that flag on the floor of the parliament then let that people make the decision in a vote."


Senator Hanson said she believed the motion would pass because the Liberals and the Nationals are "too gutless to oppose it", adding "those that are basically left leaning belong to the woke side won't stand up for your rights".

The One Nations leader yelled "no I won't" before storming out of parliament.

"I won't acknowledge the Welcome to Country," she said.

"As I've said, let's acknowledge those people, men and women who have lost their lives and sacrifices that they have made for our freedom and for our country.

"Not the indigenous because as far as I'm concerned, I have as much right to this land as any Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander but they don't want to acknowledge that. It's a shame.

"Because new migrants come to this land, they should be welcomed just as much."

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