North Korea testing nuclear triggers, preparing another test: UN experts

UN experts report that North Korea is testing nuclear triggering devices and that its preparations for another nuclear test were at a final stage in June

quoting information from unnamed countries.

The panel of experts said in new excerpts from their latest report obtained Friday

The Associated Press that they have been unable to identify the test locations and dates for the tests of nuclear triggering devices reported by one U.N. member state.

In excerpts obtained Thursday, the experts said North Korea is paving the way for additional nuclear tests with new preparations

its northeastern test site and continues to develop its capability to produce a key ingredient for nuclear weapons.

In the new excerpt, the panel said: As of early June, two member states assessed that the preparation for nuclear tests was at a final stage.

On other issues, the panel said in Thursday's excerpts that North Korea conducted two major hacks this year

resulting in the theft of cryptocurrency assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pyongyang also continues illicitly importing oil and exporting coal in violation of U.N. sanctions, using the same companies, networks and vessels, it said.