'Me Time' trailer: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg have a wild weekend


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Netflix gives a glimpse of the upcoming Netflix comedy Me Time featuring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Netflix on July 26, Tuesday.


Me time is a story of Sonny, a stay-at-home father who gets to experience 'me time' for the first time when his family is away.


To makes his weekend worthwhile, he reconnects with his former best friend, Huck. The story unfolds as the wild weekend turns Sonny's life upside down.

"Me Time" Cast

– Kevin Hart (as Sonny) – Regina Hall (as Sonny's wife) – Mark Wahlberg (as Huck) – Jimmy (O. Yang) – Luis Gerardo Mendez

"Me Time" Release Date

The movie, written and directed by Why Him? director John Hamburg is all set to Premier on August 26 on Netflix.

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