Live updates: John Barilaro fronts parliamentary inquiry into US trade job

Barilaro has flatly rejected any suggestion he fast-tracked a cabinet submission in relation to trade roles so he could apply for one.

The cabinet submission, which would have transformed the trade roles into ministerial appointments, was proposed and passed in seven working days.

Mr Mookhey argued this was rushed through in September because he knew Ms Berejiklian would have to resign in October as a result of ongoing ICAC questioning.

Tensions are high in the Jubilee Room right now.

John Barilaro has accused the opposition members on the committee of pursuing irrelevant questions.

He says it doesn't matter if his colleagues knew when he was going to retire.

But Mr Mookhey says the timeline of events make it seem like Mr Barilaro knew Gladys Berejiklian was going to retire in October 2021

which would clear the way for him to make his exit from politics at the same time.

"It looks like you have fast-tracked that cabinet submission (in September) so the job was vacant by the time you retired.

"If we're to believe your version of events, we'd have to basically conclude that you're one of the luckiest men in NSW politics."

Barilaro strongly rejected this.

"No actually, the unluckiest man in NSW politics I'd argue, because of those series of events."