Here’s how abortion rights supporters won in conservative Kansas.

Supporters of abortion rights won a huge and surprising victory on Tuesday in one of the most conservative states in the country

with Kansas voters resoundingly rejecting a constitutional amendment that would have let state legislators ban or significantly restrict abortion.

Results were still coming in as the night wore on, but with more than 90 percent of ballots counted

the pro-abortion-rights side was ahead by about 18 percentage points

a staggering margin in a state that voted for President Donald J. Trump in 2020 by a margin of just under 15 percentage points.

Going into Election Day, many observers believed the outcome of the referendum would be determined in increasingly Democratic areas like the Kansas City suburbs

that is, by whether enough voters turned out there to compensate for the very conservative lean of the rest of the state.

But abortion opponents did surprisingly poorly even in the reddest places.

Consider far western Kansas, a rural region along the Colorado border that votes overwhelmingly Republican.

In Hamilton County, which voted 81 percent for Mr. Trump in 2020, less than 56 percent chose the anti-abortion position on Tuesday

In Greeley County, which voted more than 85 percent for Mr. Trump, only about 60 percent chose the anti-abortion position.

We can talk about the cities all day long, but Kansas is known as a rural Republican state for a reason

Rural Republican areas cover enough of the state that they can, and almost always do, outvote the cities.

The rejection of the amendment has as much to do with lukewarm support in the reddest counties as it does with strong opposition in the bluest ones.