Fourth set of human remains found in Lake Mead as water levels hit record low


More human remains have been discovered in Lake Mead – bringing the tally to four since May – as water levels hit record lows amid a severe drought, according to a report.


The newest skeletal remains were found at Swim Beach in Nevada on Saturday and are being examined by the Clark County Coroner’s office, the National Park Service said.


The identity of the remains and the cause of death are not currently known.


A first body was discovered on May 1, another on May 7 and a third on July 26. All the remains have yet to be identified.


The newest discovery comes on the heels of a man, Todd Kolod, claiming he believes the second set of remains belong to his father, according to the Daily Mail.

A body found in a barrel in Lake Mead in Nevada amid record low water levels due to a drought.

One of the human remains found at Lake Mead.

There have been four human remains found in the dried-up reservoir since May.

A jaw found at Lake Mead on May 7, 2022.

Lake Mead is at its lowest level ever recorded due to the severe drought.

A formerly sunken boat stuck in the mud at Lake Mead near Boulder City, Nevada on June 10, 2022.