Foot-and-mouth disease fragments detected in meat imported to Australia

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Key points:

1) People travelling to Australia from Indonesia will be required to use foot mats to clean their shoes

2) The foot mats use citric acid to remove dirt

3) The minister is warning of risks posed by meat being posted in international mail


Viral fragments of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and African swine fever have been detected in imported meat, as Australia's government introduces new measures to wash shoes at international airports.


Both diseases have spread through Asia and a widespread outbreak of either livestock disease in Australia could cost the economy billions of dollars.


FMD fragments found in imported meat in Melbourne


"During a recent purchasing and testing campaign of food for sale in supermarkets around Australia, one sample tested positive for FMD and African swine fever viral fragments – the test does not indicate live virus.


This sample was from pork floss offered for sale in Melbourne," the statement said.

Citric mats to be rolled out

Speaking in Brisbane this afternoon Mr Watt announced new sanitation foot mats – believed to be an Australian first – will be in place at all of the country's international airports, with Cairns and Darwin airports to install the mats within days.

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