Five new teams arrive in the country and realise their tree change will be tougher than they thought

The Block is back for more stunning home renovations and for the first time ever we are in the country for a tree change.

Five new teams arrive for what really is the biggest Block ever and they're thrown straight in the deep end with a 48-hour House Decider challenge.

The reality of the Block hits hard and fast as the teams battle reno fails and misunderstandings to try to deliver a bedroom good enough to get them first choice of the houses.

And one team's confusion over some well-intended design advice results in a unique room feature that leaves them fearing they won't secure their favourite house.

Before we get to that we're reunited with host Scott Cam who is also renovating a house this year.

He's arrived three months early to get a few rooms ready. The façade, veranda and front lawn are also beautifully landscaped providing the perfect setting to meet the new contestants.

First to arrive on the Gisborne building site are Block fans Tom and Sarah-Jane from Victoria.

When they get to Scotty's front lawn there is no one to be seen, but soon enough another team arrives and it's sunshiny Queensland couple Dylan and Jenny.

Next up its former AFL player Joel and influencer Elle from Sydney who are instantly recognised by Tom and Sarah-Jane as famous faces.

Then Victoria's Ankur and Sharon drive up and they're already vowing not to "break up as a result of The Block", which is always a good sign.

Last but certainly not least are happy-go-lucky best friends Omar and Oz, who hail from Sydney.