Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham's Big Yawnfest 

Ek Villain sadly returns for no good reason

The story is supposed to have a villain, a hero and a damsel in distress.

Actually, make that two. But it’s just a confused, messy rehash of psychopath killer movies that takes itself so seriously that it becomes unintentionally funny

almost hilarious and does no one any favours.

he sequel is being touted as its spiritual predecessor

but frankly it can well be said to be a soulless standalone film

that keeps making up what it thinks is a plot as it goes along in the most uninspiring fashion.

The film keeps us destabilised at all times.

It opens with a gory scene, where a house party turns into a site of murder.

This is effective and encourages us to expect more, only to land with a big thud.

We meet Gautam, a rich brat who famously announces “Marna chalega haarna nahi”.

He acts like a total jerk, smiles to himself and loughs out loud in a maniac fashion.

It's a character that is desperate to call itself a villain.

Gautam is easy to hate, and Arjun Kapoor barely has a chance to redeem himself given how badly his character is written.