BTS' RM Just Visited Switzerland and Took ARMYs Along For the Ride

BTS' RM travelled to Switzerland and gave a glimpse of his trip through his new vlog.

This comes after a series of individual vlogs from popular K-pop band BTS' members.

The vlog came out on Saturday and hashtags started trending on Twitter.

Also, the video received over 3 million views as of now. In the vlog, RM revealed that his stay would be for four days.

He further added that he would step out for dinner, where he fed on beer, burgers and fries.

He can be heard saying, “I’m starving right now.

he said "I like the familiar atmosphere."

he said "I like the familiar atmosphere."

Meanwhile, RM, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook came together to show their support to J-Hope at his Jack in the Box listening party.

While videos and pictures from the party had gone viral after the party wrapped, a new Bangtan Bomb offers a closer look at the bash.